“Warranted” is not just a stamp on the spine. It’s an ethos that I use when building my saws. I completely stand behind them. If you’re unhappy with the saws performance, in any way, send it back for a full refund. My saws are guaranteed to outperform your own cutting abilities.

ATTENTION Please see order page for details on saws offered. We are still in the process of updating this site to reflect recent changes. Thank you for your patience and support.

Dovetail Saw

A twelve inch dovetail saw with my standard handle in walnut.

Dovetail Saw Features:

Carcass Saw

A twelve inch carcass saw with my standard handle in cherry wood.

Carcass Saw Features:

Sash Saw

A 14 inch sash saw with my standard handle in walnut.

Sash Saw Features:

Tenon Saw

A sixteen inch tenon saw with my standard handle in walnut.

Tenon Saw Features:

Additional Notes

  • While uncommon, saw handles occasionally need to be tightened or loosened. The split nuts have been slotted to accept the Blue Spruce Split-Nut Screwdriver. Other split nut drivers may also fit the hardware, but our Split-Nut Driver is the preferred tool.
  • Please save the box and plastic that your saw arrives in! My custom boxes can be re-used to send the saw for re-sharpening or just to simply protect it when it isn’t in use.

Limited Edition Saws

From time to time I will offer limited edition saws. Those saws will be available on Blue Sruce Tool Works website. Please see order page for further detail on how to get notified of these limited edition JGreene Saws. Below are some examples of special edition saws I have made in the past.

A carcass saw with a Bakewell handle. A custom sash saw. A dovetail saw with a Richardson Brothers handle.


I will always sharpen my own saws, and only ask you pay shipping both ways.