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Jared Greene

My name is Jared Greene and I am a saw maker. I haven't always been a saw maker, I actually spent the first part of my adult life serving in the military; first in the Marine Corps and then I finished my career in the Army. Since leaving the military, I have used woodworking and saw making as a way to channel my focus and energy. Saws absolutely fascinate me. They are so much more than a piece of jagged steel with a handle; there is an art and beauty to saws that cannot be found elsewhere. At the end of October 2021 I quit my paying job to become full-time saw maker. It’s been stressful, but my worst day saw making is still a pretty epic day. Thank you for stopping by!

Ping me on Messenger Send me an Email If you email, please make sure my email is on your safelist! There have been quite a few times I've responded and emails end up in a spam or junk folder. Also note I am a one-man business, it may take a couple of days to get back to you as I focus primarily on saw making and not my online presence.

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File & Hammer Saw Works | Jared Greene is a modern saw maker in South Carolina specializing in custom backsaws for hand cut joinery: dovetail, carcass, and tenon saws.